The creation of the Road Map

Download the Road Map here.

FUTURAGE will identify the main priorities for research on ageing based on the widest possible consensus between key stakeholders ranging from policy makers to product producers and retailers.  A key principle is the close involvement of older people in this process.  The starting point is a series of national consultations in the 13 countries that form the European Research Area in Ageing (ERA-AGE 2). 

Following this, a series of extensive consultations are planned among scientists and stakeholders within four broad themes:


In addition to the four scientific themes there is a parallel fifth theme on the engagement of research users, including older people.  Workshops involving Europe’s leading researchers in these fields, with inputs from non-European experts, will be conducted as the cornerstone of the road map production process. 

Each theme is coordinated by a leading European expert who is responsible for organising the development of research priorities to produce a final theme consensus to contribute to the road map. 

Outputs from the consultation process will be explored at two stakeholder meetings of high-level research funders, policy makers and practitioners in the ageing field and representatives of older people.  In the stakeholder workshops the iterative process at the heart of FUTURAGE will bring together the thematic outputs and coordinate them with the perspectives of the main stakeholders.  This represents also the much needed coordination across the disciplines engaged in ageing research.  

A Council of Scientists, drawn from project leaders of these major projects, will provide advice for FUTURAGE to ensure the road map delivers a viable and realistic strategy for high quality European ageing research for the next 10-15 years.  At the heart of this strategy will be a commitment to providing the evidence-base for Europe to respond effectively to its ageing process.

The Road Map structure is an interactive diagram of the project structure containing links which will allow you to explore various aspects of the project. Alternatively, please download a hard copy of the project structure by clicking on the diagram below.

FUTURAGE structure of project


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