The FUTURAGE mission statement

The Road Map is expected to reflect the following priorities: -

  • High quality scientific research
  • Building on existing state-of-the-art research and priority setting in both Europe and the rest of the world. Of particular importance are the various European co-ordination actions of recent years.
  • A life course emphasis to reflect the fact that ageing is life-long and the scope for prevention.
  • Multi and inter-disciplinarity: research on ageing should reflect its multi-dimensional nature.
  • In both macro and micro terms the importance of activity / participation to well-being.
  • Addressing the inequalities in ageing and later life both within and between European countries (e.g. Eastern / Western Europe).
  • The need for greater co-ordination of ageing research activity in Europe and the most appropriate ways to achieve this.
  • Other infrastructure issues such as training.
  • The need to engage closely with service users, including older people.
  • The need to close the gap between Science and Society in this field by more effective communication and knowledge transfer.
  • Raising the profile of ageing research.
  • Utilising an interactive bottom-up approach to engage widely with key stakeholders.
  • Keeping into account not only current but also future socio-demographic trends.