Healthy Ageing workshop 1


15th-16th March 2010


Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom


This is the first in the two scientific workshops that will be held by the University of Leicester, Sheffield Institute for Studies on Ageing and the Newcastle University to inform development of the Healthy Ageing workstream of the road map


By invitation only



Download the report.


Current gaps in Ageing Research in Canada

Cross-National Perspectives on Healthy Aging: Insights from the Study of the Oldest Old in Japan, Okinawa and Hawaii

Monitoring and resolving inequalities in healthy ageing

Prevention and promotion of healthy ageing: Additional / new evidence needed

European Health research Opportunities for Funding

Behavioral and Social Research Agenda – how best to advise?

Treatments and Services for Healthy Ageing

Psychosocial factors and healthy ageing - additional evidence needed