Additional recommendations for research priorities

The nature of the Road Map is such that while we are confident that major research topics are represented, it is not possible to include every topic of importance.

Therefore this section of the website has been opened to explore topics that are underrepresented in the Road Map. 

If you would like to make an evidence-based case for an additional set of research priorities please send an email to

All suggestions will be reviewed by the FUTURAGE Coordination Team. 

Recommendations received so far are listed below:


Alcohol and Ageing

Submitted by:  Emanuele Scafato, ISS, Italy

Research on clinical intervention should include a full evaluation and comparison of the most cost-effective practice linked to the primary health care sector dealing with the main determinants of diseases in terms of morbidity, disability and mortality such as alcohol, tobacco, diet and physical activity that have been demonstrated to cause more than the 80 % of the chronic disease burden in the population.  Epidemiological longitudinal studies should receive support in order to identify the predictors of the onset of the most common diseases all over EU such as Alzheimer disease and dementia, cerebrocardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Main research questions for the future include:

  • Is alcohol over the life course important for healthy ageing? What is the impact of different drinking patterns in later life?
  • Are there gender differences in the way alcohol influences or affect healthy ageing?
  • How do alcohol and pharmacological interventions interact in healthy ageing and how can early identification and brief intervention help in decrease morbidity, mortality and disability?
  • How do socio-economic factors or changes in welfare and health investment inhibit healthy ageing?
  • How to ensure that epidemiological studies on older people are supported and their results taken into account in the form of policies aimed at healthy ageing?